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The top 5 countries which pay foreign students to study at their universities.

Germany. The United Kingdom. Australia. Denmark. Holland. If you think we try to tell you First of April kind of story, think again. But it’s better to check on the list of countries we found for you. It turns out that in the contemporary world there are countries that are ready to invest a lot […]


Top 10 of the oldest universities that teach students today

The oldest universities in the world. How did the first universities be established? The system of education in the first universities. Top 10 of the oldest universities, according to the educational portal Kudapostupat. Do you think it was “so dark” in the Middle Ages time like they say so? Not sure. After all, during the […]


Do You Have Problem with IELTS Test? These Books Will Help You

Introduction Self-reliant hunt for textbooks for the IELTS test preparation Preparation and Practice Testing for IELTS Top recommended publications for the IELTS test preparation by Kydapostupat portal Introduction We do not have problems with books to prepare you for successfully passing this test nowadays. Before 2000 it was a big problem to get ready independently, […]


How Much Does University Diploma Cost? Tuition and Living Accommodation Costs in Different Countries.

Content Where to begin to calculate the cost of studying abroad? The cost of training in popular countries. The cost of education in “inexpensive” countries. What is considered an economical training and how much does it cost? The “costly” countries to study in. The cost of a diploma in the East. Student’s expenses while studying […]


TOP 288 European universities where you can study for free (Germany, France, Czech Republic, Greece)

  Dear students and parents!  The “Kuda Postupat” portal will help you find universities where foreign nationals only pay an insignificant fee or study free of charge at all. Countries with tuition-free education for foreigners include Austria, Norway, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Finland, and Poland.   Some universities are ready to teach foreigners free […]


Bulgarian Students Are Disliking Their Universities And Are Choosing To Study Abroad. Why It Is Good For You?

For the West, Arab and Asian countries, Bulgaria is a little-known, but the attractive place for obtaining a degree in college. Bulgarian universities are on the list of the best 100 universities in the world. The Universities of Bulgaria are known for they medicine, mathematics, biology, engineering school. In addition to native and English languages, […]


Denmark Significantly Decreases in Numbers of Places for Foreign Students Enrolled to International Study Programs

As it has become known to the Kuda Postupat portal, Denmark significantly reduces the number of available places for foreign students admitted to international study programs. Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science Tommy Ahlers said that admissions to English-language programs for foreign students in university programs would be reduced. We are talking about programs that are taught in English. […]


Students from Saudi Arabia Are Relocating from Canada to USA and Europe. Why it’s Good for You?

Although higher education is far from politics, there are things that prove the opposite. Recently, it became known that students from Saudi Arabia, who studied in Canada, are transferring to the universities of Europe and the USA in urgent order. The Canadian Ambassador was expelled from Riyadh by the Arabs, called home, and even canceled […]


The Polish government announced its intention to raise the minimum wage again in 2019

Good news for foreing workers, who plan to go to work in Poland next year – the government announced a new increase in the minimum wage from January 1, 2019. Exact figures are not yet known, but it is already clear that this will be more than 100 zlotys. Employees will receive more for their full-time work, […]


The most comfortable study destination for Indians: Germany or Poland?

Germany, as before, remains one of the most popular and inexpensive countries where Indian students can get a quality European education. Hundreds of schools in India have signed up to teach students German as their primary foreign language as part of an effort by Germany’s top technical colleges to attract more Indian students. There is […]


Features of studying in European schools for Indian students

Since 1980, the proportion of Indian teenagers who did not have school education dropped from about one half to less than one in ten. This is a big success for Indians which country is full of more school-age children than any other. However, the quality of Indian schools remains a scandal. Half a decade of […]


Education has always faced the problem of students cheating during the exams

Education has always faced the problem of students cheating during the exams. Even sharp-sighted teachers always struggle in detecting those students who manage not to study but to use additional sources when writing a test, and Indian students are not an exception. That’s why, the University of Lucknow in India has found the solution for […]


भारत के छात्र द्वारा सामना की गई कठिनाइयों का समाधान करना

नवीनतम आंकड़ों के अनुसार, 4.3 मिलियन से अधिक छात्रों को कॉलेजों और विश्वविद्यालयों में विदेशों में उच्च शिक्षा प्राप्त होती है। भारतीय छात्रों को विभिन्न देशों और शैक्षणिक संस्थानों में पाया जा सकता है, विभिन्न दिलचस्प विशेषताओं का अध्ययन कर सकते हैं। किसी भी व्यक्ति को किसी विदेशी देश में रहने के लिए मुश्किल है […]


Solving the difficulties faced by a student from India

According to the latest statistics, more than 4.3 million students receive higher education abroad in colleges and universities. Indian students can be found in different countries and educational institutions, studying various interesting specialties. It’s hard for any person to live in a foreign country – a student, an employee, just a migrant. Traditions, customs, habits […]


Studying abroad for Indian students

Graduates from India are choosing to study abroad more and more. Why? There are few presentable institutes in social subjects, but there is absolutely no top academic programs in Indian universities. In advanced sciences such as genetic engineering, medicine and related industries, the situation is more favorable, as there are respectable institutes such as the […]


What are the unusual offers of work for technicians and engineers?

There are 2 ways for a young candidate: to find a job in native country or to find a job abroad. Main benefits of this opportunity are big salary and career perspectives. The most popular countries to find a job for candidates who know English are the UAE, China and the USA. If a person […]

Hindustan education – an educational hub for Indian students

Hindustan education – an educational hub for Indian students who can study in Europe, Poland. This Hindustan education hub includes all popular higher schools, institutes, universities, academies, MBA schools of Europe, in particular Poland.

WE decided to create Hindustan education hub, the main idea of which is not only to present a list of all universities, institutes, colleges, tertiary schools, MBA schools of Europe, Poland on its pages, but also regularly cover the news about Indian students, universities and the sphere of education and science of these countries.

On web pages you can find articles and Indian education news about Hindustan education, life of Indian students studying at universities, academies, higher schools, MBA schools and courses of Poland Europe in general. Here prospective Indian students can find the following information: how to enter universities, academies, higher schools, MBA schools and courses, what should prospective Indian students do for that, how to get a visa, how much does it cost to live in Europe and study in Poland, what is the difference between study programs and where it is easier to study for an Indian.

Every day Hindustan education hub provides Indian news information for Indian students and prospective students about possibilities of getting secondary and higher education, MBA degree abroad, because Hindustan education at universities of Europe is a key to career success in India.

The world of science is developing really fast these days, and, of course, high quality of Hindustan education in Europe is very important. Universities of Europe, Poland, understand this, that’s why they help Indian students and prospective students get higher education within their walls.

If you are an Indian student or prospective student looking for ways for self-realization, development and growth, Hindustan education in Europe is exactly what you need.

Why Indian students choose universities in Europe (Poland)

Indian students choose universities in Europe (Poland) due to the following reasons:

Diplomas received by Indian students at universities of Europe are recognized in different European countries, which help them find a job almost anywhere in the world.
Higher education helps Indian students get practical skills and experience required in Europe, and, of course, India.
Materials for studying match the necessary requirements and enable Indian students start working almost in any European country immediately after finishing a Hindustan university, courses, school. They can also operate modern equipment, which means becoming a respected and honored person not only in India, but also in Europe.
Universities in Poland have a special programme, which gives Indian students an opportunity to get two diplomas simultaneously, for example, in Poland and Germany.
Quality control of the process of education by special organizations, which means that Indian students have a 100% guarantee that their specializations will be popular not only in India, but also in European countries.
Possibility to study in one country and then have an internship in the other one. As a result, Indian students have more chances to find a job in future.
Where can Indian students study after school

If an Indian pupil finishes school in India, he/she doesn’t necessarily need to continue his/her education in this country. If you studied at an Indian school, you always have a chance to attend a university, college or preparatory courses in Europe (Poland), because universities in Europe are pleased to accept Indian students.

The sooner you take courage to study in Europe, the better it is for you, because education in Europe (Poland) enables Indian students to get a prestigious diploma, and also improve the knowledge of a language of the corresponding country.

Any prospective Indian student who wants to study has a chance to get a degree at a foreign university (Europe, Poland). That’s why catalogues of Hindustan education contain information important for Indian students and prospective students about the process of admission, accommodation and internship provided by European countries, including Poland.

Hindustan education – is a hub for Indian students and prospective students who want to find real options to get educated in Europe, Poland.



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