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    भारत के छात्र द्वारा सामना की गई कठिनाइयों का समाधान करना

    नवीनतम आंकड़ों के अनुसार, 4.3 मिलियन से अधिक छात्रों को कॉलेजों और विश्वविद्यालयों में विदेशों में उच्च शिक्षा प्राप्त होती है। भारतीय छात्रों को विभिन्न देशों और शैक्षणिक संस्थानों में पाया जा सकता है, विभिन्न दिलचस्प विशेषताओं का अध्ययन कर सकते हैं। किसी भी व्यक्ति को किसी विदेशी देश में रहने के लिए मुश्किल है […]


    Solving the difficulties faced by a student from India

    According to the latest statistics, more than 4.3 million students receive higher education abroad in colleges and universities. Indian students can be found in different countries and educational institutions, studying various interesting specialties. It’s hard for any person to live in a foreign country – a student, an employee, just a migrant. Traditions, customs, habits […]


    Studying abroad for Indian students

    Graduates from India are choosing to study abroad more and more. Why? There are few presentable institutes in social subjects, but there is absolutely no top academic programs in Indian universities. In advanced sciences such as genetic engineering, medicine and related industries, the situation is more favorable, as there are respectable institutes such as the […]


    What are the unusual offers of work for technicians and engineers?

    There are 2 ways for a young candidate: to find a job in native country or to find a job abroad. Main benefits of this opportunity are big salary and career perspectives. The most popular countries to find a job for candidates who know English are the UAE, China and the USA. If a person […]


    Hornby scholarship 2018 for teachers of English

    Deadline for application submission: February 16, 2018 Country: Great Britain Participants: teachers of English in India Description of Hornby scholarship An annual scholarship programme for Indian citizens providing them with an opportunity to study in Great Britain has started. AS Hornby Educational Trust scholarship is given to Indian teachers of English for getting Master’s degree […]


    Scholarship of the London University for Indian students 2018

      Deadline for application submission: June 13, 2018 Country: Great Britain Participants: Indian students Description of Manju Mehrotra scholarship Every second Indian dreams about getting an education at a university of Great Britain. Manju Mehrotra scholarship is a great opportunity to try your luck and make your dream come true. Royal Holloway, London University offers […]


    University of Amsterdam: Where to do a Master’s degree for free

    University of Amsterdam: Where to do a Master’s degree for free Deadline for application submission: January 15, 2018 Country: Amsterdam, the Netherlands Participants: Masters from countries outside EU Description of Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships University of Amsterdam has announced about the beginning of a scholarship programme for students from countries outside EU. That’s why Indian students […]


    Scholarship 2018: Studying in the School of Management in Great Britain

    Deadline for application submission: January 15, 2018 Country: Great Britain Participants: students of all nationalities, including Indians Description of UCL scholarship UCL School of Management, which is situated in the heart of Great Britain – London, invites foreign students including Indians to study for free. The university offers financing of 5 years of studies (1 […]

    Hindustan education – an educational hub for Indian students

    Hindustan education – an educational hub for Indian students who can study in Europe, Poland. This Hindustan education hub includes all popular higher schools, institutes, universities, academies, MBA schools of Europe, in particular Poland.

    WE decided to create Hindustan education hub, the main idea of which is not only to present a list of all universities, institutes, colleges, tertiary schools, MBA schools of Europe, Poland on its pages, but also regularly cover the news about Indian students, universities and the sphere of education and science of these countries.

    On web pages you can find articles and Indian education news about Hindustan education, life of Indian students studying at universities, academies, higher schools, MBA schools and courses of Poland Europe in general. Here prospective Indian students can find the following information: how to enter universities, academies, higher schools, MBA schools and courses, what should prospective Indian students do for that, how to get a visa, how much does it cost to live in Europe and study in Poland, what is the difference between study programs and where it is easier to study for an Indian.

    Every day Hindustan education hub provides Indian news information for Indian students and prospective students about possibilities of getting secondary and higher education, MBA degree abroad, because Hindustan education at universities of Europe is a key to career success in India.

    The world of science is developing really fast these days, and, of course, high quality of Hindustan education in Europe is very important. Universities of Europe, Poland, understand this, that’s why they help Indian students and prospective students get higher education within their walls.

    If you are an Indian student or prospective student looking for ways for self-realization, development and growth, Hindustan education in Europe is exactly what you need.

    Why Indian students choose universities in Europe (Poland)

    Indian students choose universities in Europe (Poland) due to the following reasons:

    Diplomas received by Indian students at universities of Europe are recognized in different European countries, which help them find a job almost anywhere in the world.
    Higher education helps Indian students get practical skills and experience required in Europe, and, of course, India.
    Materials for studying match the necessary requirements and enable Indian students start working almost in any European country immediately after finishing a Hindustan university, courses, school. They can also operate modern equipment, which means becoming a respected and honored person not only in India, but also in Europe.
    Universities in Poland have a special programme, which gives Indian students an opportunity to get two diplomas simultaneously, for example, in Poland and Germany.
    Quality control of the process of education by special organizations, which means that Indian students have a 100% guarantee that their specializations will be popular not only in India, but also in European countries.
    Possibility to study in one country and then have an internship in the other one. As a result, Indian students have more chances to find a job in future.
    Where can Indian students study after school

    If an Indian pupil finishes school in India, he/she doesn’t necessarily need to continue his/her education in this country. If you studied at an Indian school, you always have a chance to attend a university, college or preparatory courses in Europe (Poland), because universities in Europe are pleased to accept Indian students.

    The sooner you take courage to study in Europe, the better it is for you, because education in Europe (Poland) enables Indian students to get a prestigious diploma, and also improve the knowledge of a language of the corresponding country.

    Any prospective Indian student who wants to study has a chance to get a degree at a foreign university (Europe, Poland). That’s why catalogues of Hindustan education contain information important for Indian students and prospective students about the process of admission, accommodation and internship provided by European countries, including Poland.

    Hindustan education – is a hub for Indian students and prospective students who want to find real options to get educated in Europe, Poland.

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