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Education abroad and in Ukraine

Successful career start depends on the quality of education. Knowledge, practical skills gained in an educational institution will surely be useful in professional activities, as qualitative education is the key to become a real professional of your sphere in future. But when can you get such education? Web-pages of our information portal will help you find details about opportunities to study in Ukraine or abroad.

Education in Ukraine

Education system in Ukraine is so structured that professional basis is partially established in general educational institutions during professional orientation, elective courses, groups activities of which are mostly focused on studying basics of future profession.

The primary way to get professional education – vocational schools, higher educational institutions of different types. Vocational schools give an opportunity to get advanced education and higher educational institutions are responsible for training highly qualified staff for working in various spheres of labor activity.

These days there are 657 educational institutions. That’s why it is not surprising that the first question a future student has is “where to study?” If to consider all opportunities to study abroad, it is easy to get confused.

Why to study abroad?

The modern world is developing and international borders are getting more and more indistinct. Consequently, to get maximum opportunities of self-realization it is necessary think about education more extensively, and not only within the territory of the native country.

Education abroad is based on traditions and experience, which have been created for centuries. Besides, studying in a foreign university gives an opportunity of further professional realization in international companies.

Foreign universities have lots of other advantages:

Education abroad is an excellent opportunity for foreign students to improve the level of a foreign language of the country their study in. Constant communication with native speakers and the need to listen and speak in other language significantly increase the spoken level. This will be useful in future for communication with foreign colleagues, even if you find a job back at home.

Anyone with desire and ambitions can get education in a foreign university. In catalogues of KudaPostupat portal you can find information about all opportunities offered by European and far-abroad countries.


Higher education abroad: through the university – into the country

Many countries actually want foreign students who got diplomas in their educational institutions with high results to stay in their country after graduation.

For example, when a student gets education in Great Britain, he/she has every right to count upon work in case he/she has a successful interview with a firm. Education in Poland gives an opportunity either to stay working there or move to any other country of the European Union. And after 5 consecutive years of staying there with visas or temporary residence permits you will have a right to submit an application for getting a residence permit.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to work abroad or you don’t have such an opportunity, you will return home as a highly demanding specialist with an internationally recognized diploma and priceless practical skills.

We can tell you where to study

The web-site offers a full list of universities of Ukraine, Europe and far-abroad countries. Besides, in our blog you may find any necessary information about the procedure of admission, features of leaving in a particular city and other details that bother future students.

KudaPostupat portal is created for those looking for qualitative ways of getting education.



Jagiellonian University in Krakow has won a golden award

Jagiellonian University, which is situated in Krakow has won a golden award given by the Association of Accountants in Poland, – a university press office reports. The Board has awarded the oldest Polish university with the Golden medal “For the development of the Association of Accountants in Poland”. Over the years professors of the Jagiellonian […]


A university for the elderly is going to open in Russia

A new project called “Silver University” for educating the metropolitan elderly is going to start up in the capital of Russia. The elderly have an opportunity to study in such learning center for free. Once got admitted to the “university” the elderly will master computer skills, deal with mobile applications, learn English and legal literacy […]


University of Vienna has received 500 mln Euro for cryptoeconomics development

Federal Ministry of Science, Economics and Research of Austria has invested 500 mln Euro for development of cryptoeconomics in one of the higher educational institutions of the country. This information was published on the official university web-site. Vienna University of Economics and Business takes an active part in studying new, but perspective sphere of cryptocurrency […]


An exhibition of British boarding schools will take place in Kyiv

On October 21 and 22 Kyiv hotel “Hyatt Regency” will hold the twelfth private exhibition-meeting “Boarding schools of Great Britain”. Families with children aged 7-18 looking for variants of getting secondary education in Great Britain and having financial possibilities can participate in this event. The event is arranged by the educational agency “Business-link”, which has […]


Ministry of Education and Science: Bulgaria is “for” changes to the Law “On Education”

On October 11 a roundtable discussion regarding execution of article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Education” was held in the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria. In the course of negotiations representatives of Bulgarian minority groups living in the territory of Ukraine were fully supportive of new developments in the law. Moreover, they […]


Law on Education in Ukraine – how do new developments affect international relations?

On October 16 the session of the Council of Minister of Foreign Affairs is bringing up an issue about a new Ukrainian Law “On Education”. This was mentioned in Twitter by a Brusselian reporter of “Radio Free” Rikard Jozwiak. It is to be recalled that the previous month the Guarantor of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed […]

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