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Where to go to study or state versus private

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When deciding where to go to study, most applicants face a choice between private and public educational institutions. For those who pretend to a budget place, everything is rather prosaic – there is such an opportunity only in state universities. But those who are in any case going to pay for a specialty, there is something to think about.


Common featuresCommon features

Whatever the institution belongs, it must necessarily pass accreditation, attestation and get a license that allows him to conduct educational activities. It is issued by the Ministry of Education and Science, which in Ukraine is the only one. And all higher educational institutions pass this mandatory examination on absolutely identical conditions.

Therefore, regardless of which school you choose, check the availability of all three points. Because once the availability of accreditation confirms that on the basis of the training you will receive a state diploma, which allows you to go on to graduate school, and if you want to become a civil servant.

The same applies to training programs. Teaching methods, of course, may differ, but
the programs are approved for each specialty and do not have a particular difference. Since the output of specialists must be the same level and training in full accordance with the state standard.

In addition, the introduction of the practice of the UPE equalized the public and private institutions of higher learning in relation to the conditions of entry on the scale. So, from the perspective of the complexities and depth of training, it is difficult to say that some type of institution has advantages, and it is not worthwhile to decide where to go to study from.

Where to go to studyMain differences

However strange it may sound, the whole point is in the form of property – financing from the state. Budget against private capital and student fees for training. Unfortunately, in terms of ensuring the second option is often better affects the overall material base and teaching staff.

Salaries are greater, respectively, and interest is higher, especially among those who love their work. Calm attitude towards students, as there is no special need to fill up someone for the sake of bribery. True, this plus may turn into a minus, if the student himself is not particularly hungry for knowledge, then the incentive will not learn. After all, each occupied place is a monthly income, and their loss is not particularly profitable.

When everything was just beginning, with the question “where to go to study,” the answer was more likely to be a state university. Since it was quite right to say that private higher education institutions were losing some as an educational process. But not today, when in the tough struggle with competitors it is necessary to introduce advanced programs, as well as more modern methods of teaching, to regularly introduce new specialties, to purchase equipment in practical classrooms.

Also important is the factor of time spent on the market of educational services. With state universities all is easier, there are at least some guarantees that you will get to the last course and get a diploma if you study. But with private, at least not so long ago, the situation was not so encouraging. Many were closed and students had to go on disbandment to other educational institutions. Therefore, it is good to check the university’s reputation, its stability and, if possible, the prospects for development.

Remember, everything is relative, and not the form of ownership makes the university the best, not beautiful classes or the untwisting of the name. His real assessment is in the people who teach there, in methods, in the general atmosphere and purpose, which should coincide with yours. What exactly are you looking for – just a crust or real knowledge? That’s what is really important for you to understand, choosing where to go to study.

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