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Scholarship of the London University for Indian students 2018

  Deadline for application submission: June 13, 2018 Country: Great Britain Participants: Indian students Description of Manju Mehrotra scholarship Every second Indian dreams about getting an education at a university of Great Britain. Manju Mehrotra scholarship is a great opportunity to try your luck and make your dream come true. Royal Holloway, London University offers […]

Scholarship 2018: Studying in the School of Management in Great Britain

Scholarship 2018: Studying in the School of Management in Great Britain

Deadline for application submission: January 15, 2018 Country: Great Britain Participants: students of all nationalities, including Indians Description of UCL scholarship UCL School of Management, which is situated in the heart of Great Britain – London, invites foreign students including Indians to study for free. The university offers financing of 5 years of studies (1 […]

Grant for Indians from the British University of Warwick

Grant 2018 for Indians from the British University of Warwick

The British University of Warwick offers Indian Master Students to participate in the scholarship program GREAT Scholarships India 2018. Two representatives of an Indian university may win the grant in the amount of 9000 pounds sterling. This sum fully covers expenses for education of a student at a university of Great Britain. The student’s scholarship […]


Top 3 most expensive universities

You will be surprised, when you find out the most expensive and the cheapest foreign schools. As we can see, students and their parents choose foreign universities for a few criteria. It is important to pay attention to the school rating, curriculum and research projects, employment prospects in future. But for most of graduates cost […]


The october intake for 2019/20 at Vistula university has already opened!

THERE WILL BE A NEW PROMOTION FOR CANDIDATES WISHING TO ATTEND THE VISTULA GROUP OF UNIVERSITIES FROM: the Citizens of North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia). COMPLETE AN APPLICATION FOR STUDY AND ACQUIRE A […]


The top 5 countries which pay foreign students to study at their universities.

Germany. The United Kingdom. Australia. Denmark. Holland. If you think we try to tell you First of April kind of story, think again. But it’s better to check on the list of countries we found for you. It turns out that in the contemporary world there are countries that are ready to invest a lot […]



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