Studying in Poland 2018

Studying in Poland 2018: how to get admitted to a university in Poland by yourself

Studying abroad is no longer a dream, but a reality even for Indian students. Especially, when it comes to studying in Poland. On the one hand, studying in Poland is the easiest and safest opportunity for Indian students. But on the other hand, diplomatic relations in the sphere of education between India and Poland give […]

Jagiellonian University in Krakow

[:en]Jagiellonian University in Krakow has won a golden award[:]

[:en]Jagiellonian University, which is situated in Krakow has won a golden award given by the Association of Accountants in Poland, – a university press office reports. The Board has awarded the oldest Polish university with the Golden medal “For the development of the Association of Accountants in Poland”. Over the years professors of the Jagiellonian […]

[:en]Education in Poland – features[:ru]Обучение в Польше – особенности[:ua]Навчання в Польщі – особливості[:]

[:en]Education in Poland has its own characteristics and is somewhat different from the scheme that is familiar to Ukrainian students, since it is implemented on the European system, and therefore it is worth considering it in more detail. This information will also be of interest to applicants who wish to enter other European universities, not […]


Grants for studying

Educational grant – is a great opportunity for students to get money for education, accommodation, transport and scientific researches realization. The majority of European countries have special programs to sponsorship talented students in their high schools. Our web-page now gives the opportunity to learn about grants and scholarships. You also can apply for them and […]


Collegium Da Vinci is one of the oldest private universities in Greater Poland

Collegium Da Vinci is one of the oldest private universities in Greater Poland successfully operating on the Polish educational market for over 20 years . It is a place where students gain knowledge with interest and pleasure. Students, graduates and employees are joined by following their own curiosity, resulting from the deep conviction that curiosity […]

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