Medical universities of Italy – where to study

It is impossible to imagine the present-day world without progress in the sphere of medicine. Every day new discoveries and inventions in these sphere help struggle with lots of various human diseases. When choosing a future profession, many prospective students decide to go with medical specializations and when thinking of a place to study – […]


Germany canceled a tuition fee for foreigners and citizens of the country

Breaking news! Germany canceled a tuition fee for foreigners and citizens of the country For entrants who plan to study at universities in Germany is a piece of great news – from the next semester, higher education in public higher education institutions will be free of charge. To make this decision two factors have become […]


An applied linguistics

  Linguistics is a science of language. Linguists by their specificity are philologists. Specialists of this profile need to have profound and exhaustive knowledge of their language, foreign languages, including computer skills. The specialty applied linguistics is the profession of a new generation. Such specialists are needed in the field of developing computer programs, automatic […]


Higher education in France

An educational system in France A preschool education A primary school A college A lyceum Higher educational institutions «High school» Advantages of education in France Duration of education Conditions of entry An educational year Scholarships Diplomas and scientific degrees Practice and internship A cost of education A residence A food Transport   France is another […]

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