TOP-10 professions for Indians 2018

When choosing a profession an Indian student faces some challenges about where to study to gain really useful knowledge and skills that will help build prosperous life and career. India is a developing country, where an unemployment rate is quite high and salaries are rather low. Because of this, experts analyzing labor market trend point […]

Free Master Programme in a Moscow university for Indian students

Free Master Programme in a Moscow university for Indian students

Deadline: April 15, 2018 Country: Russia Participants: 4-year students of a Bachelor programme A.A. Bochvar’s project work competition has started for students from all over the world, including 4-year Indian students of a Bachelor programme. The main award for a winner – admission to the Master programme in the National University of Science and Technology […]

MBA 2018-2019 for free for Indian senior managers

MBA for free in 2018-2019 is an opportunity for Indian top managers, managers, business owners and even alumni to do their best to achieve success. First of all, let’s figure out what MBA is and who can get this education. Master in Business Administration (МВА) – is an international education program for people working in […]

How an Indian citizen can get a visa to enter Europe and Ukraine

If you are an Indian citizen and you want to study in a European country, you need to process a student visa. It is not that difficult to get it as it seems, but an Indian student will have to prepare some documents. Student visa – is an official permit to enter the territory of […]

studying in Poland

[:en]The Polish language proficiency test[:ru]Сертификационный тест на знание польского языка[:ua]Сертифікаційний тест на знання польської мови[:]

[:en]With the growing demand for education abroad, in particular in Poland, the need to learn Polish and English languages, where science is taught there, has also grown. This led to the opening of not only the preparatory courses for studying Polish as a foreign language at universities, but also the creation on the recommendation of […]

CV writing

[:en]CV writing[:ru]Составление резюме (CV): блоки [:ua]Складання резюме (CV): блоки[:]

[:en]As mentioned earlier, the CV (Curriculum Vitae – CV, as it is written abroad) implies not only the creation of a list of all its professional capabilities, but also the delivery of information in a clear structure inherent in all documents. A resume is a document, and therefore it refers to its writing with all […]

Common features

[:en]Where to go to study or state versus private[:ru]Куда пойти учиться или Государственный против частного[:ua]Куди піти вчитися або Державний проти приватного[:]

[:en]When deciding where to go to study, most applicants face a choice between private and public educational institutions. For those who pretend to a budget place, everything is rather prosaic – there is such an opportunity only in state universities. But those who are in any case going to pay for a specialty, there is […]

парень с завязанными глазами

[:en]Which profession to choose[:ua]Яку професію обрати, або “Бути чи не бути”[:]

[:en]Which profession to choose: is one of the main issues that young people or their parents face when they graduate. And it is not surprising, because this decision can affect not only the level of earnings in the future, but also the feeling of a full life, the possibility of realizing one’s potential and, as […]

work for students

[:en]Is it possible to work and earn extra money work for students in Poland[:ru]Возможна ли подработка или работа для студентов в Польше[:ua]Чи можливий підробіток або робота для студентів в Польщі[:]

[:en]Given the economic situation in Ukraine, not everyone can afford to go abroad for training, even to Poland, and not to think about seeking additional means of subsistence, except for parental care. Therefore, a particularly urgent issue is the opportunity to study in parallel. Abroad this is a fairly common phenomenon, and the Polish authorities, […]

куда поступать после 11 класса

[:en]Where to enter after 11th grade[:ru]Куда поступать после 11 класса[:ua]Куди поступати після 11 класу[:]

[:en]Where to enter after grade 11 is a question that almost all schoolchildren begin to ask themselves in the last years of schooling. About how to choose a specialty we discussed in the previous article. In the same speech will go about how to find a suitable institution. To begin it is necessary with selection […]


Grants for studying

Educational grant – is a great opportunity for students to get money for education, accommodation, transport and scientific researches realization. The majority of European countries have special programs to sponsorship talented students in their high schools. Our web-page now gives the opportunity to learn about grants and scholarships. You also can apply for them and […]


Collegium Da Vinci is one of the oldest private universities in Greater Poland

Collegium Da Vinci is one of the oldest private universities in Greater Poland successfully operating on the Polish educational market for over 20 years . It is a place where students gain knowledge with interest and pleasure. Students, graduates and employees are joined by following their own curiosity, resulting from the deep conviction that curiosity […]

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