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It is possible to pay for education in Switzerland in bitcoins

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studying in SwitzerlandThe Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts has now opened up the possibility to pay for education in Switzerland in bitcoins. This information was published on pages of the official university web-site.

This educational institution is dynamically developing study of blockchain technology, which helps facilitate bitcoin transactions.
By accepting cryptocurrency the University of Switzerland points at the readiness to extend its knowledge about modern world technologies, as well as demonstrates the desire to find out about practical aspects of the new sphere by its own experience.
The transaction will be carried out with the help of Bitcoin Suisse AG start-up through the payment system working under the principle of anonymous electronic banking. This will give the university an opportunity to accept payments in bitcoin without actually holding it.

In addition, the cryptocurrency is automaticallt converted in franc when reaching the amount of 10 thousand of Swiss franc. The currency conversion fee is 1%.

Background information

Bitcoin – is an electronic nonmaterial currency created and functioning only through the Internet. It cannot be controlled and its issue is performed by means of millions of computers worldwide, which use the program for calculating mathematical algorithms.

Blockchain – is a tool for storing data or a digital register of transactions, contracts and deals.

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