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Higher education in Poland – what is the advantage

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[:en]Choosing a university for admission, modern youth increasingly often first of all considers the relevance and relevance of not only the offered specialties, but also the quotation of the diploma on the world labor market. Especially when it comes to getting an education with the purpose of traveling abroad.


higher education in polandStudy in Poland – the main advantages


For Ukrainian students higher education in Poland is very interesting in terms of financial accessibility. Since the introduction of the Bologna educational system in this state, the attitude to Polish diplomas throughout the world has changed qualitatively. Today they are considered one of the best, and their owners are happy to take on prestigious positions. Moreover, today specialists are very in demand who know 3-4 languages. And in the process of training the Ukrainian student is just approaching this basic threshold. After all, initially it is available to Ukrainian and Russian, and in Poland, knowledge of Polish and English is gained.

In addition, higher education in England, the United States, Canada will not only cost much more in itself, but the movements between the home and the place of study at a price are very different. Plus, parents receive a special visa several times a year to visit their child living in Poland as a student.

Worth to say that higher education in Poland can be obtained not only on a fee, but also at the expense of the state, as Ukrainian certificates are taken into account. In this case, you will have to take part in the competition, passing certain exams or passing tests. And of course you will need knowledge of Polish or English at the proper level.

Another extremely pleasant bonus of study in Poland is the receipt of a temporary residence card, which allows you to freely move around the territory of the Schengen countries.

For those whose parents can’t afford to pay for their studies, and failed to get into the free education program, the opportunity to earn extra money in the evenings, weekends and holidays can be a salvation. You do not need a work permit for students.

Higher education in Poland – quality


The simultaneous implementation of the Bologna system and the International Standards on Classification of Education (or ISCED) provide:

  • the highest level of teaching;
  • the validity of teaching methods;
  • compliance of methodological and material bases with European requirements;
  • application of programs in practice in Polish and English.

Besides Polish universities are doing everything possible to become part of the European system for the exchange of students. For students this is an excellent opportunity with an easy submission to raise your level of knowledge in a more prestigious foreign educational institution. It is allocated for these two semesters.

As you can see, the prospects for obtaining higher education in Poland are quite tempting and accessible. And given that the recruitment of students is carried out throughout the year more than once, then who knows, perhaps today is the very day when it is worth taking one of the most important decisions in your life – to go to study in a Polish university.

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