Education has always faced the problem of students cheating during the exams

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Education has always faced the problem of students cheating during the exams. Even sharp-sighted teachers always struggle in detecting those students who manage not to study but to use additional sources when writing a test, and Indian students are not an exception. That’s why, the University of Lucknow in India has found the solution for Indian students to study more fairly.

S.P. Singh, an Indian jurist and educational administrator, announces that the annual examination, which takes place in Lucknow University on the 5th of March, will be strictly held under the observation of CCTV cameras. He also says that such preventive measure will ensure whiteness and clarity of the exam. As Singh describes the procedure, before the start of the test all the exam centres must have CCTV installations. If any Indian student is detected cheating the invigilators will handle a notice to him/her and demand a signature. If the student rejects, then the notice will be sent to his/her registered mail.

The anti-cheating strategy plan also involves the Indian students taking places according to the scheme pasted near the classroom. Only a special computerized sheet proving once identity will be allowed. One more important thing is that all the students must be carefully frisked before entering the examination room.

All the additional sources of information will be forbidden for Indian students passing the exam. What’s more, there will be no exceptions for the students cheating as everyone using mobile phones and other gadgets will be accordingly punished.

However, the Lucknow University is not the only place in India striving for fair education. Bihar School Examination Board, which conducted the exam a few days ago, assumed some measures for clear education in India. The students were not even allowed to wear shoes and socks during the exams. They were also frisked from top to bottom when they were entering the classroom and after they took their place. The exam was held under the watchful eye of cameras, which prevented students from using something more than their intellectual abilities.

The question is: will all these measures prevent students from cheating and make them study fairly? We can only hope that the attitude of students towards cheating during exams will change and the importance of their knowledge will overweigh the desire to deceive the education system.

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