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CV writing

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CV writingAs mentioned earlier, the CV (Curriculum Vitae – CV, as it is written abroad) implies not only the creation of a list of all its professional capabilities, but also the delivery of information in a clear structure inherent in all documents. A resume is a document, and therefore it refers to its writing with all responsibility.

1. Cover

As with any letterhead, the narrative should begin with the full name of the person in question, as well as contact information.
Enumerate children, indicate nationality, family status, full address of residence, add photos – do not need it, unless it is stated in the vacancy by the aychar himself. 0 there is only the most necessary thing – name, phone number, city of residence, date of birth (month is better to write with letters), email. Mail, skype, site.
You should clearly understand that the purpose of the resume is to prove yourself as a promising specialist, and not describe your social status.

2. Purpose or short annotation

This paragraph allows in a few words to describe their professional ambitions or achievements. The choice depends on the specific situation and personal preferences.

If we talk about the annotation, then its task is to summarize, which is made at the beginning of the labor biography. It can sound like this: “IT Director with ten years of experience in developing Web applications, mobile and cloud programs.” He created the team from the ground up and took the company to the top three in the national service market. ”

At the same time, there is no need to write any subtitle, but the text itself can be highlighted in bold type. In fact, these two lines completely describe the work experience and the level of implementation. All that will be mentioned in the summary below is just a detailed transcript of your skills.

Concerning the goal, what exactly does it say in this paragraph depends not only on professional aspirations, but also on the specifics of the work itself. For example, if we are talking about bringing to market an important product that can make life easier for people, or even save it, then it would be reasonable to indicate how the company’s help in this task is realized from the positions of the capabilities of the position in question.

If, in principle, you do not care where and by whom to work, it is succinct to state the title of the position you are applying for. In the case of recruiting employees in different areas, this will at least simplify the task of the HR manager in sorting the incoming CVs, but for you it will be a pleasant bonus in the eyes of the Aichar.

CV writing3. Skills

The very block of the resume, which most of all interests the personnel manager. Therefore, think it thoroughly, and most importantly, from the standpoint of the employer’s expectations. That is, practically you need to describe those skills that you can use almost with your eyes closed, but they should be just needed at the workplace that you are applying for.

Of course, you need to start the transfer with the most basic skills, especially those who are listed as necessary requirements for knowledge in the job description. And only then to list everything that can significantly improve the performance of your duties.

If there is a lot of information, submit it in a structured way, start with key skills, ending with additional ones. Do not forget to indicate your skills in working with various computer programs, office equipment, the Internet.

If you fill out the employer’s questionnaire, you may encounter the “knowledge” and “skill” graphs. This is not the same as the skills in the resume. Skills are what you did, maybe just one single time, and in fact are not an expert in this matter. Knowledge in general assumes only theoretical knowledge in the matter. It is not necessary to confuse these concepts, so as not to get into an uncomfortable situation during the passage of practice.

4. Work experience

Immediately it is necessary to say that the experience of work in the resume not included in the work experience is also indicated. This concerns and allegedly having no experience of students who have been practicing and have performed a number of working functions in their specialty, which is something you should write in your resume.

What to specify:

  • date of commencement of work – date of termination,
  • the full name of the company (you can add the scope of activities, if it is not clear from the title),
  • the name of the position held,
  • level of responsibility and authority,
  • the number of subordinates, if any,
  • a list of functions to be performed, with a brief transcript, if necessary,
  • professional achievements.

Of course, not everyone will have anything to write in such an expanded version. This is not terrible, since the mass of existing jobs does not in principle provide any special professional qualities for the employee, except as an elementary responsibility and decency.

5. Education

The availability of education as such is already an indicator that a person is capable of self-organization and educate. Worse things are, when education has not the slightest relation to the experience of work, interested in vacancies, or even unfinished.

But anyway, the principle of filling is simple – from the last to the first, and it is better from the corresponding required post to the secondary one. At what trainings, courses, seminars, online marathons, on the results of which you have evidence, also include in the block of education at the level of universities and technical schools. Most of today’s professions today are mostly just trained, not to mention that many companies even hold exams and certifications for their users (for example, contextual advertising).

6. Personal qualities

Whether to include this block in your resume is up to you. But if you use it, remember – the balance between truthfulness and exaggeration, as well as the usefulness of character traits, is important. Do not make the mistake of 90% of applicants, indicating in this paragraph a standard list of qualities that can be not only superfluous in your case, but also not correctly interpreted.

For example, you submit a resume for a job “cashier”. Such quality, as: ability to defend the opinion, leadership qualities or an active vital position – will play not in your advantage. After all, in fact, this place needs someone who is diligent, loves monotonous work, attentive and not conflict.

Such moments as love of sports, travel and other interests, suggesting the need to leave work for travel, the inability to stay on the extra floor of the watch, if necessary, will also lower the chances of taking the place of interest to you.

So, if there are difficulties with the description of the item “personal qualities”, it is better to omit it altogether.

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