How to enroll in a Czech university without intermediaries

Affordable and high-quality competitive education abroad for Ukrainian students in recent years has become not a luxury but a necessity. More and more of our young people are sent to neighboring countries to get their education and diploma, and regular innovations in foreign universities only contribute to this. In recent years, the flow of Ukrainian […]

Myths and the hidden reality of studding in Poland

After a long-awaited feeling “Hurrah! I will study in Poland! “A new, not so sublime, but more critical and close to reality feeling comes. The new question, “How should this all be?” It’s not possible to take things their own course. Because irresponsibility in this matter can lead to disastrous consequences. Statistical data argues that […]

I am interested in studying at your University. What can you tell me about it?

I am interested in studying at your University. What can you tell me about it? Opole University of Technology is the leading high-tech university in the Opolskie Region, providing education mostly in technical sciences but also in the fields of logistics, economics, management, tourism, sport and physiotherapy. University serves about 7 000 students representing over […]

Post – Indian in Poland journey – Dhaval M.

In second world-war (1942-48) Poland die second time. I say story about long year ago about good relationship india-poland in this time more Poland peoples die that time 500 ladies with child going with sea way and it steamer going every country’s king place but nobody help his people. Then this ship going Jamnagar,india and […]

Pros and cons of Indian education

In India there is a problem that needs to be solved. Students and teachers of higher educational institutions migrate abroad massively, voting with their feet for the quality of foreign diplomas. There are a number of pros and cons in Indian education. Indian education is quoted throughout the world, including in Europe and the countries […]

That`s why it will be a  good idea to study medicine in the Europe for Indian youth

According to the United Nations report on World Population Prospects, Indian’s population is expected to double by 2040. Meanwhile, the system of medicine and health in India needs a reform. National governments and their respective agencies have only been able to accomplish so much on their own due to challenges of corrupt governance, weak infrastructure […]

Polish-Indian relation: educational mission for Indian students

The inauguration of the Days of Polish Universities INDIA 2018 will take place on May 9-10 in Ahmedabad (state of Gujarat). Recent news show that the participation of Polish-Indian “round table” on the development of academic and student exchanges and the opening ceremony of the Education Fair “Study in Poland” has been confirmed by Mr. […]

Education abroad – European universities for Indian students

Nowadays most people with diplomas from universities are often involved in completely different spheres of activities. Therefore, it seems that five years of studying are for nothing and the obtained education doesn’t bring any positive results. However, the situation is different with those who manage to get higher education in other states in Europe. It […]

Exchange programs for Indians

Сontents: 1 Student exchange programs 2 What is the purpose of student exchange programs? 3 Student exchange programs are invaluable experience for everyone Student exchange programs While studying at a university you may get a chance to participate in a student exchange program. If to talk about foreign universities, don’t hesitate and use a given […]

Medical universities of Poland for Indian students

Сontents: 1 Medical universities of Poland for Indian students 2 The list of medical universities of Poland for Indian students 3 Education for foreign students at medical universities in Poland for Indian students Medical universities of Poland for Indian students Without a doubt, many Indian students interested in medicine want to study abroad to get […]

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