Polish-Indian relation: educational mission for Indian students

The inauguration of the Days of Polish Universities INDIA 2018 will take place on May 9-10 in Ahmedabad (state of Gujarat). Recent news show that the participation of Polish-Indian “round table” on the development of academic and student exchanges and the opening ceremony of the Education Fair “Study in Poland” has been confirmed by Mr. […]

Education abroad – European universities for Indian students

Nowadays most people with diplomas from universities are often involved in completely different spheres of activities. Therefore, it seems that five years of studying are for nothing and the obtained education doesn’t bring any positive results. However, the situation is different with those who manage to get higher education in other states in Europe. It […]

Exchange programs for Indians

Сontents: 1 Student exchange programs 2 What is the purpose of student exchange programs? 3 Student exchange programs are invaluable experience for everyone Student exchange programs While studying at a university you may get a chance to participate in a student exchange program. If to talk about foreign universities, don’t hesitate and use a given […]

Medical universities of Poland for Indian students

Сontents: 1 Medical universities of Poland for Indian students 2 The list of medical universities of Poland for Indian students 3 Education for foreign students at medical universities in Poland for Indian students Medical universities of Poland for Indian students Without a doubt, many Indian students interested in medicine want to study abroad to get […]

TOP-10 professions for Indians 2018

When choosing a profession an Indian student faces some challenges about where to study to gain really useful knowledge and skills that will help build prosperous life and career. India is a developing country, where an unemployment rate is quite high and salaries are rather low. Because of this, experts analyzing labor market trend point […]

MBA 2018-2019 for free for Indian senior managers

MBA for free in 2018-2019 is an opportunity for Indian top managers, managers, business owners and even alumni to do their best to achieve success. First of all, let’s figure out what MBA is and who can get this education. Master in Business Administration (МВА) – is an international education program for people working in […]

How an Indian citizen can get a visa to enter Europe and Ukraine

If you are an Indian citizen and you want to study in a European country, you need to process a student visa. It is not that difficult to get it as it seems, but an Indian student will have to prepare some documents. Student visa – is an official permit to enter the territory of […]

Medical universities of Italy – where to study

It is impossible to imagine the present-day world without progress in the sphere of medicine. Every day new discoveries and inventions in these sphere help struggle with lots of various human diseases. When choosing a future profession, many prospective students decide to go with medical specializations and when thinking of a place to study – […]

Teaching English in Great Britain

These days foreign language skills play an important role in human life, influence its achievements in career and education. English is taught starting from the first year at school, but often the level of language skills afterwards is insufficient to enter higher educational institutions of Great Britain or any other European country, not to mention […]

Studying at a master's (postgraduate) program in Great Britain for free

Studying at a master’s (postgraduate) program in Great Britain for free

Have you been dreaming of studying in Great Britain for long, but you think that such a delightful opportunity is available only for geniuses or rich kids? You are wrong. This article will tell you about easy and affordable ways to study in the United Kingdom and get a British diploma of higher education. There […]

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